The great thing about foreplay is that there are limitless possibilities for foreplay positions.  Unlike sexual positions, which are obviously limited by what is physically possible within a limited range of motion, foreplay positions can be nearly anything.  Because foreplay itself is such a general term that includes so many different actions leading up to sexual intercourse, there really aren’t any positions that can’t be considered foreplay positions.

For most couples, the act of foreplay is thought to include all sexual stimulation directly before intercourse.  However, you could even expand that definition to include all sexual communication and touching that leads up to intercourse.  This means that even “talking dirty” to one another can be an act of foreplay and there is no specific foreplay position needed for that!

If you are thinking about what is stereotypically considered foreplay, there are several positions that tend to occur more often that not.  Thinking of foreplay as the stage between kissing and full-blown sexual contact, it becomes pretty obvious that closeness is the most important factor in foreplay positions.  Couples engaged in foreplay positions are often standing, laying, or sitting very close to each other in a manner that allows for close touching, caressing, or even grinding against each other before continuing to intercourse.

We have listed some basic ideas for foreplay positions to help you and your partner connect.  The first foreplay position we’ll go over is the horizontal position where both members of the couple are laying on their sides or backs next to each other.  This foreplay position allows for hugging, kissing, and intimate touching of you and your partner.  It allows for closeness and a range of movement for both participants.

Another popular foreplay position occurs when one partner sits on the lap of the other partner.  This stimulating foreplay position also allows for close contact, a key element for any rewarding foreplay position.  Foreplay can even occur standing up!  One idea for a standing foreplay position would be for the partners to stand upright facing each other.  Having a wall, countertop, or even a piece of furniture for one partner to lean against can help make the moment feel even more urgent and stimulating.

When you start to incorporate more foreplay into your sexual routine, you will finally begin to see the huge possibilities for foreplay positions.  Just as sexual intercourse doesn’t have to always happen under the sheets, foreplay can be enjoyable and enriching to your sex life regardless of the foreplay position you may find yourself in