Couple foreplay is a great way to improve your relationship and become more satisfied with the sexual aspect of your life.  When you practice couple foreplay before actual sexual intercourse, it can enhance the feelings and experiences of both individuals.  Women and men often report that couple foreplay is a fulfilling practice that helps strengthen the bond of the couple and makes sex more enjoyable.  For women particularly, sex with couple foreplay often leads to a much greater sense of connection to her partner.  In addition to this benefit, it is often easier for a woman to reach an orgasm with the help of couple foreplay.  In fact, because some women cannot orgasm during physical intercourse, foreplay may be one of the only ways she is able to climax at all.  For this reason on top of many others, couple foreplay is a great basis for any couple to have fun and extend the joy of sex.

Though men often don’t admit it, they also experience benefits from practicing couple foreplay.  Though men may often complain that foreplay is boring compared to the “real thing,” you should keep in mind that there are many ways to spice up couple foreplay.  Some couples enjoy dressing up, incorporating foods and massages, or even taking pictures to spice up what some people seem to think is unnecessary.  By spending the time to focus on your bodies apart from physical intercourse, you will learn a great deal about your partner’s likes and dislikes.  In fact, you may learn a lot about your own likes and dislikes with the help of couple foreplay.  For example, by having an opportunity to reflect on how certain touches feel on certain parts of your body, you can become more familiar with what turns you on outside of sex alone.  This kind of information is invaluable for getting the most enjoyment out of your sex life and learning how to prolong the pleasure of sex as a couple.

Even if you are under the impression that you don’t enjoy foreplay, it might still be helpful to experiment with couple foreplay in order to see if any of the popular benefits will rub off on you and your partner’s sexual relationship.  Couple foreplay is an essential part of building a healthy and understanding domain for sexual pleasure.