It is possible that you have heard the term “foreplay,” but didn’t quite understand what it means.  If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place.

Even if you are familiar with what foreplay is and how you’re “supposed” to do it, there is always room to learn more about fun foreplay techniques, positions, and even games you can bring into the bedroom.  Even individuals with lots of sexual experience can still learn a lot by finding new ways to make foreplay exciting.  Incorporating more foreplay into your sex life can lead to much more exciting and passionate sex for both partners.

Foreplay is usually defined as the act of sexual and romantic contact that occurs immediately before or leading up to sexual intercourse.  There are many things that can be included under the umbrella of the term “foreplay”.  Kissing, sexual teasing like stripping, talking sexually, and sexual and non-sexual touching like massage can all be considered foreplay.  Even a smile or a stare can be foreplay in the right situation.  We all know that these things greatly enhance the sexual experiences to come.

So what’s the deal with foreplay and why is it important?  Great foreplay is the primary building block of great sex.  Foreplay builds anticipation while also allowing a couple to explore what feels good before getting distracted by sex itself.  Foreplay also helps to build a connection between partners in a couple and the emotional closeness carries over into other aspects of the sexual experience.  Foreplay can also be used as a tool to help extend the sexual encounter over a greater span of time.  It can also be used to reinvigorate your partner and make them ready for sex again after round one has passed.

Don’t let the rumors fool you.  Both men and women benefit from the time spent on foreplay, though some men would hate to admit it.  In fact, many men try to skip out on foreplay altogether because they don’t realize how many positive results could come from effective foreplay.  Because we’re all individuals, it’s obvious that some women will love foreplay more than others, just as some men like foreplay more than others too.  However, with foreplay, not only will each individual usually get more pleasure from sex, but it will also help contribute to a healthier sexual relationship overall. For more on foreplay, please browse our Foreplay Articles section.